Peaceful Communication Revolution

I have always wanted to improve the world. Save the poor. Feed the hungry. Build shelters for the homeless. Anything, really, as long as it makes the world a little better. I have never actually done anything, though. I’ve held myself back, thinking that I don’t have enough resources to save anyone but myself. I can’t go to Africa to feed the hungry, I don’t know how to build shelters, and the list of excuses goes on and on.

Non-Violent Parenting

Imagine a child pushing another child, stealing a toy to play with it. What would you do? A lot of adults respond to this situation with anger. They scold the child, grab the toy and hand it back to the other child. Now, think about that for a while. The child grabs the toy forcefully from somebody else. The adult grabs the toy forcefully from somebody else. What does the child learn?

What Do I Do

What do you do? It’s such a common question, yet my answer is a failure every single time. It almost always kills the conversation and produces an awkward silence. Well, not anymore. I’m going to learn how to define what I do in an exciting way. For starters, I’m simply not going to mention my job anymore. My job doesn’t excite me. Getting the job excited me, and some of the details about the job are incredible and mind-blowingly perfect, yet I don’t like talking about the actual work that I do.

Quitting Is No Longer An Option

I’ve made radical changes to my life in the past year. It feels like I’m finally growing up, finally solving my problems, finally learning to create my own life. I wasn’t always this brave. For my entire adult life, I’ve been trying to improve. I’ve made lists of things I don’t like about myself and made commitments to improve the most important parts. I had big dreams and tried to aim for them.