Quitting Is No Longer An Option

I’ve made radical changes to my life in the past year. It feels like I’m finally growing up, finally solving my problems, finally learning to create my own life. I wasn’t always this brave. For my entire adult life, I’ve been trying to improve. I’ve made lists of things I don’t like about myself and made commitments to improve the most important parts. I had big dreams and tried to aim for them.

Reviving The Blog

I started this blog almost two years ago. I was reading everything I could at Live Your Legend and similar resources, and was told time and time again that writing would help me find my passion. I’ve been writing a lot in my life and I know the magic it holds, but I had never had a blog about what truly interests me. By starting this blog and having a place to put all my interests and ideas, I was able to organize and categorize until I figured out a few main themes.