What Do I Do

What do you do? It’s such a common question, yet my answer is a failure every single time. It almost always kills the conversation and produces an awkward silence. Well, not anymore. I’m going to learn how to define what I do in an exciting way.

For starters, I’m simply not going to mention my job anymore. My job doesn’t excite me. Getting the job excited me, and some of the details about the job are incredible and mind-blowingly perfect, yet I don’t like talking about the actual work that I do.

For now, what truly excites me is parenting. There’s no denying it anymore. I’ve been living and breathing parenting for three years. A few weeks ago I finally had a moment of clarity, during which I bought a domain to host a brand new parenting website. That’s what’s exciting to me.

So what do I do? I help parents break free from negative patterns, to enable a lot more quality time with their children. I help parents define their long-term goals for their children (it usually goes along the lines of “happy”). I also help them understand that what “works” for one family might not necessarily “work” for another, simply because their long-term goals are different. In the end, this helps them sift through mountains of advice and pick what truly works for their family, with their own goals in mind.

Now that’s an interesting conversation. I’ll try it out some day soon and see how it goes. My goal is to find an elevator pitch that makes unhappy parents interested in my parenting approach.

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