Spreading Myself Thin

A few weeks ago I decided to finally give in to my desire for writing. I started writing about parenting. I’m far from a perfect parent, and I write to be vulnerable, to reflect, to improve. When I had just started my brand new site I stumbled upon Live Your Legend’s Start-A-Blog Challenge, and decided to give it a go. I learned much about blogging tools during the challenge week and it was interesting to dedicate my evenings to writing rather than reading.

However, I also discovered that I was taking on way too much. I had decided to write about parenting, to write about my personal journey of making a joyful life, to connect with other Legends, to cook more, to clean more, to exercise more, and on top of it all to relax more. These activities all compete with my main priority of spending time with my child. As much as I wish there were more hours in a day, I have to let go of some activities.

Two years ago I followed the advice of Warren Buffett. I made a list of things I wanted to do and decided to focus on only five things and avoid the rest at all costs. That was two years ago… It’s time to do it again. I have to take some alone time and plan my future, to know which paths to follow and which paths to avoid. They’re all so very interesting but if I try to explore them all I’ll never reach any of my dream destinations.

Below is a draft on my current top five focus areas, after 15 minutes of thought.

  1. Connect! Find friends for the child and for myself. Find unschoolers around the world and learn more about their neighborhoods. Figure out where I want the child to grow up, and where to spend the rest of our lives. Find Sudbury Valley schools. Find people living in modern hillside houses.
  2. Create! Spread the word about connected parenting, gentle discipline, non-violent conflict resolution and peaceful role modelling. Write about both the good and the bad from my own parenting. Help other parents struggling to break free from ghosts of the past.
  3. Consume! Learn even more about how to handle emotions, especially anger. Remember to breathe when I’m upset. Remember to comfort when both me and the child are upset. Remember to paus and think instead of simply reacting. Remember to eat well and sleep well.
  4. Do chores with a smile. Enjoy household chores. Cook often and learn seasoning. Do dishes immediately after each meal. Wash clothes manually, 1-3 times a week. When someone else makes a mess, clean it up joyfully and reflect on what they learned or how they felt while making it. When I empty the toilet or go fetch water, remember how much I love living in a tiny home.
  5. Learn to drive, get a driver’s license.
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