Reviving The Blog

I started this blog almost two years ago. I was reading everything I could at Live Your Legend and similar resources, and was told time and time again that writing would help me find my passion. I’ve been writing a lot in my life and I know the magic it holds, but I had never had a blog about what truly interests me. By starting this blog and having a place to put all my interests and ideas, I was able to organize and categorize until I figured out a few main themes. It also helped me realize that no matter what I was interested in, it was all important. Everything is acceptable and everything is important. No idea is too small, no idea is too crazy. I’m reviving the blog today, as a first step in the Start-A-Blog Challenge to gain (and keep) momentum.

In my last post, almost a year ago, I wrote about finding my parenting style. Since then I’ve been struggling internally because all I want to do is read, write and talk about parenting, and my head keeps telling me there’s no money in it for me. I have no relevant education, very little experience and no writing to share. Last week I won that battle, ignored the doubt, and bought myself the perfect domain name for my brand new website. After two years of soul searching I have finally come to realize that my main passion right now is to help parents break free of the controlling parenting style of the past so they can listen to their hearts to care for their loved ones with unconditional love and acceptance.

I’m a 30 year old web developer / customer service / tech support. I only have three years experience as a parent, and I’m still doing something wrong with parenting every single day. I often feel like I have no business helping parents with their parenting, comparing myself to other coaches out there with their fifteen children, or a PhD in psychology, or twenty years of experience in childcare. But then I realize that I’m actually living it, right here, right now. I am a struggling new parent right now, and what better way to help other parents in this situation than to document my learning during the process. Sure, maybe in ten years I’ll have to rewrite everything to take into account things I have not yet learned about, but what I’m learning right now is still useful.

Unless, of course, I’d rather write about saving the planet with some environmental hibbity-jibbity. Or maybe about us living in a 9 square meter trailer without a driver’s license, with a three year old child and three free roaming cats. Or maybe about how we’ll have to leave our home country in order to unschool our child. Only time will tell. Perhaps I’ll write about all of it, finding a magical way to not spread myself thin.

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