Fueled By Anger

I had a child three years ago. She is everything to me. Before she came I struggled to find my purpose in life. Now I feel my purpose is to change the world so that it’ll be a better place for her to live in. Her, and all the other children.

To change the world I realized I first had to change myself. I’ve learned a lot about what I’m capable of, and what children are capable of. The most important thing I have learned these past three years is that all humans should be treated as humans, with respect and kindness, no matter their age. To that end I have come to realize that the common school system does not honor this, and instead treats our children as dogs to be trained and broken. I will not have my child broken like a dog. I want her to grow strong and confident, to feel like she can change the world, too. I want her to be filled with so much joy and love that she can share her love with the less fortunate.

I was quite angry to learn that this is illegal in my country. I thought this was a country of freedom, a country for the people, a country of good ethics. It is not so. It is one of the few countries in the entire world to look down upon homeschooling, calling us predators and accusing us of wanting to abuse our children. Far from it! I want to escape the abusing school system so that my child can grow up as a complete, loving human being rather than a broken dog.

I’m also angry about how the parenting magazines in this country still encourage disrespectful parenting methods. Somehow they’re all trapped in the illusion that the school system must be great, so they go to great lengths to justify why the abusing methods from school must be valid and repeated at home.

And I’m angry about how the people all know we need to care more for the planet, while the corporations keep pretending it’s just a myth. We’re letting them destroy our home, because we’re all broken dogs who have been told to stay in the corner and not intervene. Good boy, here’s a bone.

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